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Are you selling you car?

We offer Vaihtoautomaa Auto Sales Service for you. Auto Sales Service is service concept that we have developed based on customers request. Idea is that we sell your car on behalf of you. You get more for your car as you have professional sales team to do sales on behalf you. We have all the know how, tools and experience to get the best price

We handle the selling for you

  • Approx. 15% better price than car dealers direct offers
  • We wash and clean the car with paintshop makeup included
  • Studio quality photos
  • Advertisements in all the major car portals (ex. nettiauto, autotalli, autotie etc.)
  • We handle the financing and debts
  • We can take a car in exchange
  • We can offer second hand car warranties for new owner (as additional service for extra cost)
  • We sell cars in average about 20-28 days
  • Contract is valid for 60 days

Service prising

Level 1

Initial cost 295€

Sales commission 10% of sales price
(minimum 1000€ )

Level 2

As level 1 service, but includes replacement car.

Initial cost 695€

Sales commission 10% of sales price
(minimum 1000€ )

Replacement car is B-segment car (example VW Polo)

Contact us today


Ari Salonen

+358 40 663 5354


Cüneyt Atacocugu

+358 40 749 3930


Nikita Talja

+358 40 196 1197


Oliver Gauffin

+358 40 8292 441